Bruno Sbano

•Bruno has over 10 years of experience in Equity Capital Markets and Investment Banking, having led most of the relevant offerings priced in the past decade.

•Before joining Riza Capital, Mr. Sbano worked 4 years in Citigroup as a Director of Equity Capital Markets, 3 years in Credit Suisse, 3 years at Morgan Stanley and 1 year at Alvarez & Marsal.

•Some of the most significant transactions he led include:

–Rumo Logística USD 700 million Follow-On, GP Investments USD 172 million SPAC (Nasdaq listed), Oi USD 6.2 billion Follow-On, BB Seguridade USD 5.7 billion IPO, Tupy USD 240 million  Re-IPO, BNDES USD 400 mm ETF (ECO11), SOMOS Educação USD 240 million IPO, Qualicorp USD 680 million IPO, Technos USD 300 million IPO, T4F USD 315 million IPO, Magnesita USD 170 million Follow-On, International Meal Co. USD 175 million IPO, Autometal USD 275 million IPO, Brasil Brokers USD 115 million Follow On, Sonae Sierra USD 280 million Follow-On, Arezzo USD 340 million IPO, RaiaDrogasil USD 385 million IPO, PetroRio USD 1.5 billion IPO, Anhanguera USD 500 million Follow-On, Estácio USD 400m Follow-On, Petrobras USD 70 billion Follow-On, JSL USD 270 million Follow-On, Even USD 290 million Follow-On, Hypermarcas USD 690 million Follow-On, EcoRodovias USD 765 million Follow-On, OSX USD 1.4 billion IPO, Multiplus USD 350 million Follow On, Fleury USD 360 million IPO, GOL USD 590 million Follow-On, Tivit USD 580 million IPO, Restoque USD 70 million IPO, BM&F USD 3 billion IPO, Brasil Brokers USD 300  million IPO, Cosan Ltd. USD 1 billion IPO (NYSE listed), Kroton USD 300 million IPO, Trisul USD 150 million IPO, among others.

•Mr. Sbano has a degree in Business Administration from Fundação Getulio Vargas-SP (EAESP/FGV).