Mergers & Acquisitions

We work on the execution of complex transactions of purchase, sale, merger and corporate restructuring, relying on our senior partners who have outstanding experience in the market.

At Riza Capital, the process of Mergers & Acquisitions follows a strategy that focuses on: the mapping and selection of the ideal partner or buyer, alignment of stakeholder expectations, minimization of risks throughout the process, and agility in the execution of the transaction.

Our methodology aims to eliminate execution risks, increase the potential for success in the transaction, in addition to always preserving the confidentiality of information and the interests of the clients we represent.

With an independent performance, without conflicts of interest, as required by our professional ethics, we take advantage of our experience to find customized solutions for each case always seeking the best results for our clients.



We offer advice and guidance to prepare companies that are planning an IPO or are in the process of going public.

We act as trusted partners throughout the transaction as a result of our independent performance and without conflicts of interest. We are always aiming at achieving the best outcome and at maximizing the value for our clients.

Our experience in all stages of an IPO allows us to participate in any stage of the process. We do everything from project planning, review of the company’s business plan, preparation of the due diligence, selection of banking institutions to the coordination of work and the relationship with institutions and specialists involved in the transaction process.


Capital Market

Riza Capital has a senior team with experience in all stages including the issuance and management of securities in the capital market. Our in-depth knowledge of the market allows us to offer the best advice to companies and investors when it comes to selecting the right product for fundraising in each specific case.



Our clients can also rely on Riza Capital to conduct debt restructuring projects and negotiation with creditors. We focus on negotiating agreements that are consensual between the parties and that meet the interests of our clients. Our strategy seeks to accelerate the settlement of negotiations and find the best alternatives for each client, aiming at protecting the company’s stability and ensuring its security in the short, medium and long term.