Riza offers independent advice on wealth management in a Multi-family Office structure for families who wish to have specialized advice to manage their assets efficiently and safely. In a highly globalized and dynamic market that requires rapid reaction to increasingly complex variables, we assist our clients in the management of their investments focusing on the optimization of short-, medium- and long-term results, always nurturing long-lasting relationships with the clients we represent.

Our methodology requires constant quantitative analysis to evaluate the investments made, as well as qualitative analyses
of the service providers and their efficiency.

As a consequence, we minimize the risks involved, increase the transparency of the process and guarantee the protection of our clients’ interests.


Management of Financial Resources

Our operations focus on the management of financial resources with integrated intelligence to boost the performance of our clients’ portfolio, aiming at reducing costs and maximizing results.

Our diagnosis begin with a complete analysis of the bank expenses of our clients and the consolidation of information through summarized and organized analysis reports. By working in a Multi-family Office structure that brings together the volume of capital of all our clients, we have been able to capitalize benefits in our management, gaining scale with financial institutions to have access to better products and investment rates.

Our team has a broad expertise in wealth management, including both local and international assets. We have our own analytical team that constantly monitors the global economic scenario to offer our clients an independent analysis of the products available in the market.


Strategic Legal Advice

Riza Capital has a team of lawyers with wide expertise in advising clients on legal issues related to family, business and equity. We are constantly monitoring the regulatory changes, always aiming at the tax optimization of our clients’ equity.

Structuring in Pre & Post Liquidity Event
We coordinate corporate structuring and reorganizations that aim at achieving constant tax efficiency, such as mergers, spin-offs and sales of companies.
We focus on the definition and preparation of legal instruments that ensure the best execution in Pre & Post Liquidity events.

Investment structures in Brazil and abroad
We plan and structure investment vehicles focusing on the acquisition of assets, such as real estate, boats, aircraft and works of art in Brazil and abroad. We constantly perform the maintenance of these investments with the service providers involved, adapting them to the regulations of their jurisdiction.
For foreign clients, we help evaluate the best way to invest their financial resources in accordance with the regulations of the Brazilian Central Bank.

Tax / Corporate Planning
We analyze the current situation of our clients to then recommend possible changes according to the legislation in force in each of the jurisdictions. In the constitution and maintenance of family holding companies and other companies, our support always values the protection of our clients’ assets, in both the tax and corporate areas.

Estate and Family Planning
We seek to anticipate succession events by seeking customized solutions in the transfers of funds to heirs, prenuptial agreements, marital agreements, marital regimes, wills and other protections to estate.
We consistently seek the best results in the perpetuation of the estate to the future generations.

Real Estate Assets
We assist in the definition and establishment of real estate investments, such as special purpose companies - SPE; real estate holdings and the structuring of real estate investment funds - FII.

Change of Tax Domicile (relocation)
We provide a comprehensive analysis to families seeking to establish residence in another country.
We evaluate their needs and objectives and develop specific financial solutions in line with the rules and regulatory parameters of each country.

Guidance in Corporate and Family Governance
We look for strategies that seek to reorganize corporate and family governance. We offer legal instruments capable of meeting the needs of each group, either in the sale of the asset or in the training of younger generations to manage the funds they will receive.


Alternative Investments

Our team also works as a business HUB to generate and seize opportunities in an integrated system among Riza’s clients. We monitor investment possibilities that go beyond the financial market, helping our clients to analyze the risks and the feasibility of each project so that they can take advantage of the best opportunities to boost the results achieved with their capital.


Client Experience

Riza’s financial advisory operations go far beyond wealth management. We offer an in-depth experience in business and investments, providing specialized content and a professional selection of information to our clients.

Financial Education
We provide specialized content for the financial education of our clients and their families.

Preparation of heirs
We provide training to heirs for the management and succession of the family business, in addition to providing guidance for their financial education.

Philanthropic Planning
We monitor, coordinate and implement philanthropic projects developed by our clients.

Financial Market Events
We organize events to promote our clients’ meetings with managers, economists, executives and market specialists.


Middle & Back Office

Riza Capital provides assistance in administrative and organizational matters that bring comfort and efficiency to our clients.
We take care of all the operational work with the contacts of the financial institutions through the consolidation of information and the resolution of occasional problems.
We coordinate the process of opening and closing accounts and investment structures, focusing on the best cost solutions of these products with the financial institutions.